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“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom”

                                              E O Wilson

Welcome to our marketing services and solutions. Whether you are a start-up business looking for a  marketing strategy checklist to get going or are looking for a structured Marketing Framework to cover your bases as you grow the business, we bring a win-win mix of old world wisdom and new world innovation so that you get the “best of both worlds”. These include:

  • Marketing Strategy Checklist for Start-ups – get it right, from the start
  • Marketing Health Checks – compare your activities with your competition
  • Marketing Game Plans – refocus your marketing to grow your business
  • Six Weeks to Launch – combine technology with marketing to kick start your new business, product or service
  • Intuitive Marketer Coaching and Mentoring Program – a systematic approach so you’ll never lose sight of your marketing in your business again
  • Social Media Training – customised to work for you, face-to-face and recorded so you don’t forget how
  • Website Design and Training – we build it, show you how to use it and you take control

Marketing Strategy Checklist for Start-ups

Not just for start-ups, this checklist is about the fundamental requirements for a good marketing strategy to make sure your business grows. Build in marketing from day one and watch your business grow.

This checklist lists the fundamental requirements for a good marketing strategy to make sure your business grows.

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Marketing Health Check

At the core of our marketing services, the Marketing Health Check provides you with an independent assessment of your current marketing activities. Are they working? What are you missing? What is the competition doing? Whether you’re a florist, a cleaning service or a tradie, we get to the core of your business and identify your strengths, gaps, threats to your business and opportunities to grow your customer base.

This will include a review of your current marketing resources (online and off-line), a comprehensive one hour phone call and a report with a list of recommendations that you can put into place straight away.

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Marketing Game Plan

Take the Health Check to the next level. In addition to the marketing review, we will work with you to design your marketing priorities, targets and indicators of success.

Six Weeks to Launch

About to launch your business or a new product? Have you got all your marketing collateral in place? Not just the materials, but the databases, software, social media and website? Get help with your ‘campaign’ plan, yes campaign. A good launch has good systems, strategy and plan working in the background. Take advantage of our marketing services. This is the time when will you need somebody to fall back on and to guide you through the process, as well as provide technical support to make sure you’ve got everything in place ready for go! 

Coaching and Mentoring Program

The Focused Marketing Framwork

If you’re like us (and many other new business owners), you went into business with a ready-made, but limited client base. As time went on, this wasn’t enough to sustain you and you are probably now at a crossroads with your business. That happened to us in 2013. Despite, experience with a market leader and qualifications in marketing, we didn’t give marketing the respect it deserved from day one. Learning from this experience (all will be revealed in an up-coming book), we have designed a holistic marketing model based on 21 marketing principles for business owners. It’s like no other model because it doesn’t just focus on marketing tools, plans and processes; it also focuses on the person and how to keep up with the latest changes and how to stay ahead of the game. If something isn’t working in your marketing, it may not be the area you think that’s the cause of most concern.
This service is for business owners who are serious about marketing, who are looking for a model they can work to and looking for transformation.

Social Media Training

If you’re running a business and need training to improve your social media presence, talk to us about our one-on-one service. We don’t limit to the obvious social media platforms,. Walso look at the relationship with your website, CRM databases and newsletter programs. We can provide written guides and video instructions in case you forget what you’ve learnt.

Website Design and Training

Springboard Training Solutions offers a range of services for websites. We can design and build your website, train you to maintain your site yourself, as well as edit/make changes to your site. Below are some of the examples of our work. Click on the link below to check out the full sites.

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