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At Springboard Training Solutions, we offer personalised professional services to community groups and businesses.
Specialising in marketing services for startups and generation X/baby boomer business owners, even those who find technology a challenge


Where grass-roots marketing meets new world innovation

Are you a business owner that knows you’ve got to up your marketing game, but you’re drowning in a sea of information, not knowing where to turn? We have a unique perspective, bringing together offline and online marketing strategy, based on the wisdom of decades of technology experience alongside the youthfulness of modern-day marketing concepts.

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As business owners  we know that a business without a plan is going nowhere. So why are there so many partnership ventures out there that start off great, with plenty of enthusiasm, but somewhere along the way, they implode, leaving a trail of heartache, financial misery and damage to reputations in their wake? Speak to the people involved and you’ll find they didn’t do enough planning before they got together.

The Partnerships Toolbox is a system for potential partners (not just formal partnerships) to explore and plan the venture before they get to the Agreement stage.  


With over 20 years experience on both sides of the funding fence, Springboard Training Solutions’ grant writing services include:

  • Writing grants for businesses committed to growth
  • Training workshops and webinars
  • A mentoring program for aspiring grant writers

Want to know where to start?

The Intuitive Marketer helps businesses understand the rationale behind some of the most fundamental marketing principles to help make the right choices. It builds on the author’s experiences which include the highs of working with a market leader promoting the European Union in the ground breaking 1990s, and the lows of being three years into a business, realising the urgency to get back on top of marketing, fast. The book provides insights into:

  • When to start and manage marketing in your business
  • How to grow your marketing expertise without studying for an MBA
  • Where creativity gives your business the competitive edge
  • Why it is easier than ever before to build a product/service base and add great value
  • Shifting the money mindset to attract better quality customers
  • Harnessing technology to work for your business
  • Transforming a customer base into a community
  • Why you should go to great lengths to provide an outstanding customer experience
  • Despite what some people are saying, why offline marketing is definitely NOT dead and how it can be used to give your business the competitive edge.

This book reveals how marketing techniques we take for granted today evolved as information technology became embedded in our psyche. Understanding where we’ve come from, not only helps us understand where we are today, it also helps us prepare for the innovations of tomorrow.

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